Supersonic Designs by Ghia (1953-56)

As an allusion to the car's rocketship styling, the Supersonic design first appeared 
on a Conrero-tuned Alfa Romeo 1900, which was entered in the 1953 Mille Miglia. 
Designed by Giovanni Savonuzzi, it was crafted in metal by Ghia, 
which built eight examples on the 8V Fiat chassis. 
The Supersonic body was also applied to three Jaguars XK120, 
an Aston Martin DB2/4 and 
an even more extreme version was built on a DeSoto Adventurer chassis.

1953 Alfa Romeo Conrero 1900 Ghia Supersonic

Unfortunately, the car didn't cross the finishline in the 1953 Mille Miglia.
The body had been heavily damaged in a crash.
Conrero restored the chassis and rebodied it with a barchetta style body.

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1953 Fiat 8V Supersonic 

Eight of these were made.
In recent years, one of them has been fitted with a coil spring 
427 Cobra competition chassis (chassis # CSX3055) produced for John Willment, 
This one-off model is called the Willment Ghia 427 Coupe.
Also known as the AC Cobra 427 Ghia Supersonic. 

The Willment Ghia 427 Coupe

Also known as the AC Cobra 427 Ghia Supersonic.
Built from one of the eight 1953 Fiat 8V Supersonic bodies.

1954 Jaguar XK120 Ghia Supersonic Coupe

Three of these were made.

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1954 DeSoto Adventurer II Gha Supersonic

Only one made.

1956 Aston Martin DB2/4 Ghia Supersonic

Only one built based on the Aston Martin DB2/4. 
The car was exhibited at the 1956 Turin Motor Show and then disappeared from view until recent years.

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